Where to do it: Every single pole in Glasgow that you can grip around

How to do it: This exercise mainly works by using your hands and arms and eventually legs to position and move your body around the pole at different speeds. There are many ways of doing it. Street Pole Dancing is perfect to explore your body strength, flexibility as well imagination and endurance.

Basic example:
1-Get close to the pole
2-Put your hand on it and hold it firmly
3-Swing around it through pushing with one of your legs
4-Enjoy the spin and look out for the landing

Also see www.vofmpoledance.blogspot.com for more information.

Care: Make sure that the pole you are going to use is stable and test if it can sustain your body weight. Look out for irregularities or sharp textures and avoid postures that are beyond your capacity of control.

Equipment: If you feel safer use a helmet

Hazards/risks:Burns, bruises, concussion, fainting, dislocations...

Suitability for wet weather: No

Grade of difficulty: 1-10